The “New School” – For Young People & Parents

Creative Expression

The education system at large is at a breaking point.

In March 2015, a Junior at Palo Alto High School wrote in an online publication the following:

“We are the product of a generation of Palo Altans that so desperately wants us to succeed but does not understand our needs.

We are not teenagers. We are lifeless bodies in a system that breeds competition, hatred, and discourages teamwork and genuine learning. We lack sincere passion. We are sick.

We, as a community, have completely lost sight of what it means to learn and receive an education”.

This problem is insidious and pervasive.  As a parent, mental health and holistic care provider, I believe we can make an immediate and positive impact to elevate and nurture our youth and the care takers who are guiding the way.

I have developed “The New School” concept to specifically address the short comings of education. Imagine an experiential and extraordinary learning experience.  This revolutionary approach to self-mastery is designed for students of all ages will learn how to:

  1. Develop & harness Emotional IQ
  2. Learn Self Mastery
  3. Achieve Healthy Relationship Management
  4. Live the ultimate potential

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This 3 series multi-modal learning calls upon psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, coaching, creative expression, mindfulness, movement, energy management, and MORE to support the evolution of the whole person.  This is NOT your traditional school, education, therapy, or counseling!

If you or a young person you care for wants to join in an education that truly matters please contact me!

For more information about the “New School” contact me today at 408-502-6114 or to ask any questions or schedule a free, initial consultation.