As a specialist in holistic transformation, I believe that everything You need to create the life of your dreams is already inside of You.

As we aspire to move with grace through life, inevitably our experiences shape our reality. Sometimes these moments are filled with light and sometimes they are dimmed.  Whether these moments are perceived as positive or negative our sense of self and clarity can become skewed. In the space between extreme distress and absolute bliss there lies an opportunity to access and express various aspects of our powerful and forgotten capabilities.

By removing the significant blocks that often result from major life events and successfully navigating and overcoming the tedious demands of daily life, our work together can inspire you to speak with courage and take responsibility for your experience. You will acquire the tools to create a new context to release pain, anxiety, sadness, doubt, anger, guilt, or fear.

In working together, I can help you befriend your challenges. With honest inquiry and holistic assessment you CAN learn how to gain control of your life and witness the Perfection in each moment of your life.

My specific specialties include:

Transpersonal Psychotherapy


Life Coaching

The New School – For Young People

Health and Wellness

Akashic Records Consultation


Contact me today at 408-502-6114 or to ask any questions you have or schedule an initial consultation.